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In 2015 the Osage Art Foundation began developing a major new platform called HKACT! for the promotion of Art Culture and Technological Innovation in in Hong Kong.

HKACT! aims to:

BeHere by Masaki Fujihata

"BeHere" is a virtual lens to bring people from the past back into the present. A platform to convey memories to the next generation where people can participate to remember, reconstruct memories from the past and create memories for the future.
For all societies, it is very important for each generation to inherit their own history. History emerges from accumulated and shared personal experiences. We see heritage as an object from the past, but the present will be our heritage in the future.
BeHere is a project that pulls out the past and places it in the present. When it is shared with others, it can be seen as a memorable event from the future. It will be a moment of history. This project will allow visitors of all ages to share a moment of creating memory for the future.

The "BeHere" project focused on individual people’s snapshots and images of daily life. The photographs were selected from archives at various libraries and private collections in Hong Kong and were used as a reference for considering the micro-narratives and scenarios.

IMAGE: interview 01IMAGE: interview 02IMAGE: interview 03

A series of workshops aimed at sharing resources and expertise between schools were held at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong and School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for students from both schools. Technical support provided by the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and support from management teams of various departments including lighting, costumes, props, make-up and hair styling, led by the Dean of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

IMAGE: workshop/studio 01IMAGE: workshop/studio 02IMAGE: workshop/studio 03

The final 3D figures were generated with Photogrammetry that was shot with 70 cameras in the studio. Actors of the photogrammetry were recruited through various paths – by open call, by invitation, support from local artists, student volunteers and hire of professional actors.

IMAGE: photogrammetry 01IMAGE: photogrammetry 02IMAGE: photogrammetry 03

The multiple 2D snapshots were reconstructed into 3D models through post-production processes. The 3D model data in cyberspace are then overlaid using Augmented Reality technology onto the real world which is captured by the camera of the device.

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK)

Design District Hong Kong (#ddHK) is a 3-year Creative Tourism Project presented by Tourism Commission, organised by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC). #ddHK is a vibrant hub of creativity in the heart of the city. It is a fantastic blueprint for the visitors and public to explore the city in a brand new way, it also aligns HKDC’s public mission to promote future betterment of the society and community resilience through design.