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IMAGE: BeHere Icon

Welcome to BeHere

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Visit Wan Chai (灣仔), Hong Kong

IMAGE: BeHere billboard

Find a Billboard at each of the location in Wan Chai

IMAGE: finding the Location ID Marker

Find the "Location ID Marker" on the ground

IMAGE: scanning the ground

Scan the ground to teach the app where the ground is

IMAGE: level too low

Level too low

IMAGE: possible to use

Possible to use

IMAGE: perfect


The rectangle shows the level of accuracy of floor recognition

IMAGE: adding and deleting 3D figures

Tap the adding a 3D figure button icon button and choose one of the 3D figures from the menu
Tap the deleting a 3D figure icon button to remove the 3D figures

IMAGE: scaling and rotating the 3D figure

Use finger gestures to scale ( pinch ) or rotate ( slide ) the 3D figures

IMAGE: making a screen-shot

Composite a scene with the 3D figures and make a screen-shot with the screen-shot button icon button
The images will be stored into your photo album

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